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Against Urban Casinos
The East Bay Coalition Against Urban Casinos is a coalition of citizens, clergy, community leaders and others who oppose allowing urban casinos in our community.
When Proposition 1A passed in 2000, legalizing tribal gambling in California, we were told that casinos would be placed on historical tribal lands, in rural parts of the state. Since then however, casino proposals have sprung up in cities around the state, particularly in the Bay Area where casinos have been proposed in Oakland, Richmond, and San Pablo.
The East Bay Coalition Against Urban Casinos believes that urban casinos in the East Bay would irreparably harm our community by attracting crime, creating increased numbers of problem gamblers, placing even more traffic on our already crowded roads, and damaging the local economy.
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A. Sign up for our Mailing List.
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B. Join us by signing our Community Covenant.
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Community Covenant petition signup form.

C. Stop Urban Casino Lawn Signs Available Now
The East Bay Coalition Against Urban Casinos is distributing lawn signs. These lawn signs are a great way to show your opposition against casinos and slot machines in our backyards and to educate your neighbors and community members on the real impact of Vegas-style gambling in their community.
If you would like to put a sign in your yard, please e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know how many you want and when a good time to drop them off would be.

D. Bay Area Studies
Class II Gaming Machines in San Pablo Bingo or a Casino?
02/07/2006 – This report, by University of Nevada Professor I. Nelson Rose finds that the nearly 1,000 Class II ‘bingo’ machines in Casino San Pablo are virtual replicas of Nevada’s Class III slot machines. more…

Contra Costa County Public Health Report Highlights Casino Problems
08/01/2005 – The report outlines problems with gambling, increased smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, additional demands on the emergency medical services system and other difficulties that would negatively impact local communities. more…

Report: Proposed Casino Would Cost the Bay Area $193 million per year
02/22/2005 – The casino proposed by the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians for San Pablo would cost the Bay Area economy $193,119,493 annually. The economic loss would largely result from nearly all of the casino’s revenues being drawn from local players, while much of the casino’s expenses and profits would be sent elsewhere. more…

Proposed Casino in San Pablo Would Put 34,000 
Additional Cars on the Roads Each Day
02/09/2005 – The proposed casino in San Pablo would create traffic problems for the entire region according to an independent traffic analysis. more…

Thompson Economic Analysis (PDF)
A Casino For San Pablo: A Losing Proposition. An Analysis of Revenues and Expenditures for a Proposed Casino for San Pablo, by William N. Thompson, Ph.D. more…

E. E-mail This Website to a Friend – click here

F. Please Contact Us
[email protected]
East Bay Coalition Against Urban Casinos 
P.O. Box 225 
13350 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 1A 
San Pablo, CA 94806-9902

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