Other Casino Proposals
San Pablo recently became the first City in the Bay Area to install slot machines, but if Las Vegas gambling interests have their way, it will hardly be the last.
Gambling interests have proposed opening casinos in Richmond, Oakland, and in Marin County.
We offer some more information about those proposals and links where you can find out more. Visit the following pages for the different casino proposals:
•    Richmond – Pt. Molate
•    North Richmond
•    Oakland Airport

Click here to see a map of all casinos with State Compacts in California, current, pending, and targeted.

Click here to track casino proposals across the United States

The following two links are from the Attorney General’s report, 
Gambling in the Golden State May, 2006 
By Charlene Wear Simmons, Ph.D.
•    Pending Land-Into-Trust Applications for Gaming in California (PDF)
•    California Indian Tribes with State Gaming Compacts (PDF)

Click here for the complete list of tribal casinos for California and the United States, including addresses and phone numbers. (PDF)

It seems like the lights and glamour of Vegas nights are becoming more popular. This would not be a bad thing if Las Vegas was where the big increase in business was being proposed. It’s not! We seem to have Casinos popping up here, popping up there, actually they are popping up everywhere. There seems to be a new Casino on every street corner these days. I doesn’t seem like it takes much to get a license for one and that is a crying shame in my view. Listen, what ever happened to the good old days when there was a time and a place for everything. Well, what this says to me is that the time for whatever you want is now and the place is on every street corner.

First, let me explain how the entire problem has taken such an extreme leap from where it was just a few years ago… It used to be that gambling was legal in certain places and forbidden everywhere else. As soon as the first person found a loophole to that rule the industry blew up like a nuclear bomb. You see, the only thing you need to build a casino anywhere you want in America is the local American Indian tribes blessing. You cut them in on the profit and voila, you have yourself a new casino…

This, in my eye, is cheating the system. I do understand that there are certain reasons we have made these concessions but it is degrading the very fabric of our great society… I am not against gambling. The opposite is true actually. I just feel like we don’t need to encourage it to everyone, everywhere, all of the time. It can become a problem very easily for people given certain circumstances…

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