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Clearly, land-based casinos are in a challenging position currently, due in no small part to the state of the U.S. economy. I live in the gambling industry’s version of ground zero (i.e. Las Vegas), and I get to see firsthand how the economic slump has greatly impacted the gambling scene. Casino structures are left unfinished, with no new construction on the books. The layoffs of hundreds, even thousands, of casinos workers has taken a toll on the community. And reports come in daily of such and such casino posting quarter losses in the millions. That’s just Vegas, Atlantic City is doing even worse.

Thank God for the existence of online casinos. All of the games that you would find on a veritable casino floor (and many that you wouldn’t) are found online, with the same level of crisp realism that you would expect to find if you walked the Forum halls of Caesar’s Palace. Enjoy slots? Fact is, you’ll find even more of a slots variety online than you would in any given land-based casino. Is poker your game? Know that online, you can find poker freerolls that take no financial investment on your part, but you can win some very real money. Looking everywhere for European blackjack in a US land-based casino? Good luck. But at a casino online, you can easily find this specific variation of the game that actual gives players better odds of winning than traditional American blackjack or from over the border some Canadian blackjack.

And don’t get me going on bonuses. In brick-and-mortar casinos, you’d be lucky to find a bonus that’ll cover your valet parking fee. Online, though you can find bonuses and value-added promotions that are worth thousands of dollars, like at Crazy Slots ($12,500) or Go Casino ($20,000).

For all these reasons, and more, if you live in the US and can’t find a land-based casinos to your liking, can’t say I blame you. The solution that I’d strongly suggest is for you to visit US player friendly online casino.

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